What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

This past weekend I was in Florida and spent some time in South Beach. What a place to “People Watch!” One of my favorite pastimes! Whatever there was to be seen, you could see it there: all shapes and sizes, gay or straight, good and bad clothes, beggars, tramps, players, and tourists!

There are over 7 billion people on the planet and I am sure that what I saw played out in South Beach can be seen all over the place. Everyone has a story. If I took the time to speak with each person individually, I’m sure that each would reveal his or her own personal drama, comedy, terror, or adventure. We all tend to take our experiences and our lives so seriously, replaying the same events over and over again, usually with the same results.

What’s your story? How are you going through your life? Is your life an adventure? A comedy? A tragedy? A scary dream? Are you, perhaps, replaying the same story and each time hoping for a different ending?

In my book, “Navigating for Success,” I write about this idea of personal stories and how we go through life. The characters I talk about are the Navigator, The Survivor, and the Victim. Most good stories have these characters present. I hope your personal stories have some variety in them, and that your characters more often resemble the Navigator and Survivor rather than the Victim.

I will write more regularly now that I have returned from South Beach and feel a renewal of energy and focus. Over the next several months, I will blog about our life stories and the roles we play, along with some helpful guidelines for creating and living out more interesting and satisfying stories. I hope you find the upcoming posts helpful in rewriting more positive endings to your personal stories. In the meantime, look around and enjoy all the characters on your life stage. You don’t have to go to South Beach to see the show!

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