Want Business Success? Keep Perspective

Want Business Success? Keep Perspective

Business partners need to keep perspectiveThe world isn’t made in your image. There are over 6,000,000,000 people in the world. You have a point of view and so does everyone else.

Business partners don’t always agree. Shared views and common goals help a lot, but sooner or later disagreements will arise. When that happens, partners have three choices:

  1. Argue and hold fast to your opinion (the competitive response: “I win, you don’t”)
  2. Argue and give in (the accommodators response: “You win, I don’t”)
  3. Agree to disagree and talk it out (compromise). See where each other stands on an issue. Listen first and advocate your view second.

Choose what’s more important, winning the point and getting your way, or seeking the best solution. It could be your solution or your partner may have an insight that you don’t have. You may even come up with a creative alternative, one that blends parts of each partner’s perspectives.

Success Bottom Line

  • Keep your eye on the big picture.
  • Remember that you and your partner originally set out to accomplish something of value for your mutual future success.
  • Focus on whatever is really important, not just on winning some incidental battle along the way.