Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017! You are either eager to move into it or are dreading the experience. The key question is whether or not you possess the key success skills of thinking like a LIFE NAVIGATOR or are just dragging your survival/victim styles and practices into the New Year.
It has been a tough, even dreadful year for many of us. Dissatisfaction with an appalling election process and growing distrust and uncertainty about the future often results in fear, anxiety and lack of direction. The bottom line is that these fears and uncertainties can often result in “floundering” and loss of personal control.

If you lack vision, an action plan and a strong sense of resilience, this floundering will often take you onto a painful path of struggle, fear and unhappiness that causes survivors to struggle and victims to suffer. Both styles suck!

Maybe it is time to travel through 2017 like a Navigator.  Set a powerful Vision and set specific Goals. Select Actions to get you what you want and learn how to be Resilient and bounce back from upsets. Living as a Navigator is more fun, healthy and satisfying, both for yourself and for those you care about.

The first step into Life Navigation is to determine how much of a Navigator you are. Simply go to my website www.navigatingforsuccess.com and fill out the “Are you a Navigator?” questionnaire and we will send you your confidential results. And, if you like, order my book “Navigating For Success:  Vision, Goals, Action and Resilience.” Learn the formula and real life skills to travel through 2017 as a Life Navigator.

Give yourself a gift and become a Life Navigator!