The Danger of Worry

The Danger of Worry

Worry and business

A client of mine once described worrying as something a person does when he feels he isn’t in control of his destiny.

Businesses can grow on creating productive ventures, working with others, solving problems, reaching goals, and taking care of others on your team.

Businesses can falter and become painful when concerns and worries exceed productive collaborative work. For example, business partners can worry to the point of reduced intelligence, problem solving and working together.

In worst-case scenarios, worry feeds on itself. Partners and co-workers can contaminate each other with worry, thereby causing overdue stress and loss of confidence. If one party is worrying, the other party can play two roles: listen and acknowledge what the other person is thinking and feeling.

Also, take action and don’t let the worry contaminate your effectiveness and confidence.

What can business partners, colleagues and team members do to help reduce worry?

  • Realize that worry is a fear that you can’t control your future.
  • Focus together on what you can control.
  • Take a small step toward your goal, followed by another small step, …and then take another.

Victims worry. Navigators take action.

What’s the Bottom Line About Worry?

  • Worry is the interest you pay on a loan not yet incurred.
  • Take action over something you can control!
  • Action is the best antidote to anxiety.
  • Challenge your worry: ask yourself what evidence there is that supports your worry.
  • If there is no factual evidence, label your worry a “speculation” not connected to reality.