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Moss Jackson, PhD

Psychologist Success Coach

Do you have a vision in your life?

Are you an active advocate for what is important to you?


Are you playing it safe and not making any noise in life?

Is your fear of failure or looking bad stronger than your desire to make something happen?

The way your life turns out probably has a lot to do how you answer these questions. One leads to taking on challenges, making mistakes, learning and accomplishments. The other leads to boredom, waiting for something to happen and usually not much to feel really good about.


Aging people and people near death report a number of regrets about their lives.  They often report several wishes:

That they took more chances

That they had more fun

That they spent more time with friends and family

That they found their voices

That they surrendered to their passions more


Aliveness and vitality are functions of action, risk-taking and self-expression. The Life Navigators I have coached over my career make lots of mistakes, failure and often have to “dust themselves off and start all over again!” They are resilient and have mastered the art of bouncing back from adversity. They are like rubber super balls, balls that bounce higher than from where they were dropped.  They also have a growth mindset. The author and researcher Carol Dewb describes this mindset as one that stays open to discovery, is curious and is not hung up with failure or looking bad. Their passion is greater than their fears of failure or shame, thus they are constantly learning from their mistakes.

Life Survivors and Victims on the other hand are often worried or inhibited by the possibility of failure or not looking good to their peers and cohorts. They often blame others or make excuses for their mistakes or just hide out and try to blend into the crowd or background.


If you want to create a life worth having, one with a sense of purpose and challenge, you might want to consider trying out these suggestions:

  • Fall in love with an idea or a goal that will stretch you to take a chance.
  • Gather some peers who willsupport and encourage you to stay true to your purpose or vision.
  • Take some small chances, fail a little and practice learning the fine art of bouncing back.
  • Share your dream with others and speak with passion. It is very engaging!
  • Acknowledge yourself every day for your efforts regardless of the results.
  • Stop acting like life is dangerous. It’s your limited thinking which is the danger.

So, maybe it is time to stop limping into life and start charging into it.

Hope you continue to engage in my blog series below, or if you want to take a bigger bite out of life, you can order my new book, “I Didn’t Come To Say Goodbye,” on Amazon.