Stop Being a Life Renter and Start Owning Your Life: Become a Life CEO

Stop Being a Life Renter and Start Owning Your Life: Become a Life CEO

Who decides how largely you live?
Have you taken responsibility for your life or have you forfeited control to a cost-collecting landlord?
Are you paying for a life space to which you are inherently entitled?

Here’s a TIP: Take command of your life! Become your own landlord and watch your life expand.

Everyone wants their relationships to be successful. However, if you’re like most busy people, your relationships may suffer from the daily demands you have to contend with. You are probably hit by too much to do and to attend to; i.e., endless meetings, e-mail trails that beg for attention, people making incessant requests and demands, and customers needing immediate solutions. Before you know it, it is the end of the day and you’re wondering what actually got accomplished — much less considering the contributions you made to the quality of your relationships. In other words, how much of your day was spend paying “life rent,” rather than collecting “life income” by doing what was really important?

In the 30 years I’ve spent working with successful people as a psychologist and business coach, I have observed that the people with successful and accomplished lives earned them by becoming a Life CEO in their relationships. They recognized the value of others — whatever role or position they occupied — and they made sure to invest solid interest in these relationships.

How do you hone the ability to live your life as a CEO? How do you develop and nurture relationships that will return continued reward back to you over time?

I have 52 practices which will help you to grow and maintain your relationships, both personal and professional. By mastering these skills, you will stand out as a leader and a confidant that others will look up to with respect. You will become a Relationship Navigator and a Life CEO.

Coming soon, I’ll be posting all 52 practices here; check back to learn the skills that will have you “owning” your life.