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Navigating Immortality

Navigating Immortality

old meets young

How long would you like to live? 80 years? 125? How about 150 or even 500? What if you could live for 1,000 years as a healthy, young-in-body and super intelligent human being?

The current life expectancy is 78 years for men and 82 years for women. Around the year 1900 the life expectancy was approximately 40 years. In just one century, we more than doubled our life span! To a large extent, this was due to the elimination of certain infectious diseases such as smallpox, tuberculosis, polio and influenza, along with advances in early childhood health practices.

Over the next 50 years we will probably see a radical increase in life expectancy. Scientists such as Aubrey du Grey and Bill Andrews have successfully extended the life span of mice threefold, while at the same time keeping them healthy, vital and youthful until they died. The lifespan of worms was extended to six times their normal expectancy.

Like Christopher Columbus embarking on a journey to far away and unknown vistas in 1492, we are standing at the edge of Sea of Immortality and are ready to set sail! Whatever we will find there is a mystery but this exploration holds the promise of extraordinary advances in our health, as well as our intellectual and physical resources.

Imagine being able to alter your genetic code or use your own stem cells to repair any organ in your body. Imagine using 3-D printing to create a heart, pancreas and other organs. Imagine being able to reverse or even eliminate neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinson’s disease, or even being able to reverse the aging process all together!

Imagine being able to see like a hawk and read a license plate from a quarter mile away. How about being able to hear a conversation from across a large and crowded room? Or bring able to speak 10 foreign languages because of an implant in your brain? Perhaps you might want to fly like a bird or swim underwater for long periods of time without the aid of a scuba tank or the need for decompression?

The possibilities are enormous, but so are the obstacles we will have to navigate on the road of progress. If you believe in God or the Resurrection of Christ, how will the church and religious orders manage the new breakthroughs in life enhancement? What changes in beliefs and values might impact our kinship groups?
How will people afford the cost of living for 1,000 years? Will there be genetic anomalies that arise as unintended consequences of gene therapies? Will we be human or cyborg?

How will you spend your time for 1,000 years? Will our concepts of work, leisure and recreation change? What will the world population look like if everyone lived for a thousand years? And what personal beliefs will you have to modify to make the transition into immortal living seem like opportunity rather than a nightmare? Will we be able to balance our psychological needs for safety, connection and power?

The next 50 years will push us to manage change as never before, given the likely promise of immortality. How will you journey into such a tsunami of change? Will you journey into immortality as a Navigator, Survivor or Victim? Do you currently have a vision or purpose to live such an extended lifetime? Who will you have to design yourself to be to become an immortal person? And what new personal tools and mental changes will you have to make to live powerfully in your vision?

In my new book, “I Didn’t Come To Say Goodbye: Navigating Into Immortality,” I have attempted to answer these questions and raise other concerns that might impact the quality of our lives in the future.

If you would like to order the book and learn how to navigate into radical life extension, contact me at or call my personal assistant, Karen at 610-643-4873 Ext 10 to preorder your personal copy. The special pre-publication rate is $20 per book plus mailing cost. The projected publication date is July 15, 2016.

Be the first to learn about navigating into immortality. Learn to be a Life Navigator and not struggle as a Victim or Survivor.