How Long Do You Want To Live, and Why?

How Long Do You Want To Live, and Why?


Moss Jackson, PhD
Clinical Psychologist and Success Coach

Hi My Fellow Navigators,

I know that we have already celebrated Christopher Columbus Day this past October. What’s  done is done, but then again maybe not so readily. He and his crew were famous for discovering the new world, the land we call our home in the the USA. But he did something else: he opened up a century of phenomenal exploration, discovery and global growth. He opened up a new frontier.

I think we are all standing on the edge of another expedition into a new frontier that will take us far across another sea, the Sea of Radical Life Extension and Immortality. Over the next 30-50 years we are on the verge of unheard of growth into our human existence and life extension. In 1900 the life expectancy was near 47 years; today it is around 80 years. Once inflammatory diseases are cured and advances in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, stem cell, nanotechnology and 3-D organ printing are attained, it is anyone’s guess how old we will live to be the end of this century.

I have started a new video webinar called “NAVIGATING LIFE ” which airs live  on 12/12 at 1 pm.
This series will be a selection of 12 topics having to do with living a very long time with success, accomplishment and happiness. I have pulled the best from my two books on navigating life: “Navigating For Success: Passion, Goals and Action”(2010) and “I Didn’t Come To Say Goodbye: Navigating a The Psychology of Immortality” (2016).

My first topic is “How Long Do You Want To Live, and Why?” I hope you can join me as we get onboard for this new expedition into the Sea of Immortality. Just click HERE to sign up.