Just Do It! The Power of Execution

Just Do It! The Power of Execution

Successful people get things done. They accomplish things and make things happen. Execution refers to the ability to cut through obstacles and complaints and to get the job done well in a specified period of time.

Businesses and partnerships thrive when all parties know how to execute; when they are clear about their goals, roles, and accountabilities and set out action plans to produce expected results in an agreed time frame, magic happens.
Goals get accomplished, there are fewer loose ends, customers are satisfied, profits rise, and people feel good.

Executive action taking requires some specific characteristics. The six most critical are:

  1. Being a self-starter
  2. Being results-oriented
  3. Following through
  4. Personal accountability
  5. Practical problem solving
  6. Resiliency

Bottom Line

  • Discuss with your partner how effective you both are in stating and reaching your goals. •
  • Question and understand what may be reducing your effectiveness in execution. •
  • Openly examine your partnership competencies and make improvements where they are weak. •
  • Be a tough executioner!