How Do You Wake Up?

How Do You Wake Up?

Moss Jackson. PhD
Psychologist and Success Coach

Every morning you wake up to start your day. How do you wake up? Are you eager to start your day? Sluggish? Annoyed? Optimistic? Confused?

If you find yourself waking up stressed and wishing to pull the blankets back over your head, you are probably in need of a “Morning Wakeup Ritual!”

Here is a ritual that some Life Navigators have found that works:

  1. Wake up and look slowly around the room to reconnect to your physical reality.
  2. Take ten slow and deep breaths to bring some life back into your body.
  3. Say out loud five things you are grateful for. Better yet, if you are sleeping with someone tell that person your gratitudes
  4. Do a body scan from head to toe to see if you are holding onto any tension
  5. If you feel any tension in your body, place your hand over that body part, breathe slowly and deeply into where your tension is. Bring some compassion to that part. You might say something like, “Thanks for working so hard to take care of me.”
  6. Set an intention for your day. It might be “I am curious and open to everything I experience today,” or “I am meeting every situation with appreciation and love.” Your stated intention gives shape to how you will navigate your day.
  7. Then, take total responsibility for the day and do not wait for good things to happen. Start training your brain to shape your days and future by practicing your morning wakeup ritual.

In summary, most of us wake with anxiety and enter our day just trying to survive it. Perhaps the Morning Ritual can kick-start your strategy for a successful day.

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