Do You Have a Jellyfish up Your Ass?

Do You Have a Jellyfish up Your Ass?


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The other day I was talking to my friend and client, John, about his management team and some concerns he had about several difficult people he had to deal with. We all have difficult people in our lives who complain, talk behind our backs, whine and act like victims. It takes a lot of energy and creativity to both manage our own emotional well-being and simultaneously manage problematic individuals.

No matter how good a person you are or how hard you try to be fair or considerate, problems and irritations will nevertheless show up in your life. The key is to learn how to cope and problem solve, self-regulate your emotions, and put things in perspective. The alternative is to surrender control and power to the troublesome people in your life and experience unnecessary angst, grief and upset. It is important to not to take things personally; take a step back and simply see the situation as it is without inventing a drama or a story, and maybe, even see the humor in a situation and lighten your mood.

John offered a true story that might put things in perspective. Recently, a deep sea diver descended in a bathysphere to the ocean floor in order to inspect the base of an oil rig. In order to stay warm, heated water was pumped into his diving suit. While sitting on the ocean floor, he felt an itch on his ass and began to scratch it. In a few moments, his itch got worse and began to burn. Soon the pain was so intense that he called to the mother ship to pull him up. It took twenty minutes to reach the surface and pull off his diving suit. When he did, his ass was swollen and bright red. His crew broke into raucous laughter when they discovered a jellyfish attached to his ass. For two days he was in pain (literally, a pain in the ass!) and could not go to the bathroom without experiencing horrendous burning sensations.

So, John suggested to me, when you find yourself complaining about a difficult person or situation, take a deep breath and remember, things could be worse: you could have a jelly fish up your ass.