Back from Oxford University

Back from Oxford University

I recently had a great experience.

I had the opportunity to talk at Oxford University in England. What a treat that was: meeting over two days with thirty business owners and consultants discussing topics such as why businesses fail?

  • What are the key success competencies for business leaders to thrive in difficult economics times?
  • How can you really get people to change?
  • What role does emotional intelligence play in organizational culture?
  • How logical are people and why is it so difficult for people to get along?
  • Why is talent management and hiring the right person for the job so important for long-term success?
  • What are the secrets for success in closely held business such as partnerships and family businesses?
  • What can business leaders do to increase the success rate of mergers and acquisitions?

Pretty hot stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Check future blog posts for insights and answers to these questions.