Directions: Read each statement and choose the answer that most accurately represents your feelings and beliefs.

The scoring system is as follows:
1- strongly disagree, 2- somewhat disagree, 3- neither agree nor disagree, 4- somewhat agree, 5- strongly agree.

1: I’m a good problem-solver
2: I don’t take things at face value. In other words, I probe and ask questions
3: I don’t take things personally
4: I like my life
5: I’m the captain of my ship
6: I'm confident about my future
7: I have best practices and rituals I use to stay focused on what’s important to me
8: I have confidence in my abilities
9: I am clear about my underlying needs, desires and goals
10: I have a personal vision that is not easily swayed by outside influence
11: I control my destiny
12: I basically trust people
13: I usually manage my emotions, especially fear and anger
14: I consider the implications or consequences of my actions before I leap into action
15: I review my progress to see if my actions are taking me to where I want to go
16: I take responsibility for what happens in my life
17: I know what I’m passionate about and what really motivates me
18: I express my feelings when I’m upset
19: I’m not easily swept away by 1st impressions
20: I learn from my mistakes and always keep the end state or goal in mind
21: I have clear goals for my future
22: I make plans to accomplish my goals
23: I am comfortable giving critical feedback to others
24: I bounce back from upsets and quickly get back on track
25: People have told me that I’m a good listener
26: I feel good about life, even when things aren’t going well
27: Life is full of golden opportunities waiting to be discovered
28: Others view me as a leader
29: When there are differences of opinion, I express what I think
30: I don’t wait until events determine my fate: I take the initiative
31: I successfully adapt to new situations
32: I don’t blame others when things don’t work out
33: Luck is on my side
34: I know my talents and skills
35: I am able to shrug off self-doubt and negative thinking
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